Crestwood Hills Golf Course

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Iowa Golf Association

American Cancer Society Golf Pass - Crestwood Hills is an active member of the American Cancer Society Golf Pass.  We also honor the American Lung Association Pass.

City of Anita


Crestwood Hills  Course Layout

Course Rules

1.  USGA rules govern all play except for local modifications.

2.  Green Fees - All guest must register

3.  Winter Rules - Improve lie by hand or club in your fairway only.

4.  Out of bounds area is boundary fence on south side of No. 5 fairway and cart path No. 18.  Also, road on No. 15 & on No. 3.  Ball to be replayed from original spot.  One stroke and loss of distance.  No. 8 out of bounds from white pole on right side of fairway back to tee box.  Out of bounds poles on No. 15 & No. 3.

5.  Right side 15, 16, 17 fairways are lateral hazards.

6.  No. 2 drop area across pond 1 stroke penalty.

7.  Replace divots-repair ball marks.